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Re: ps export/import

"Liam E. Gumley" wrote:

> Since you mention WMF, I thought I'd mention that IDL 5.4 supports a
> Windows Metafile graphics device (set_plot, 'METAFILE'). It might be
> just the thing for producing graphics files which can be insrted into
> presentation applications such as Powerpoint. The advantage of WMF files
> is that they can be resized without loss of resolution, and they are
> recognized by Powerpoint on both Windows and MacOS platforms (and
> presumably by StarOffice as well).

Just tried this out and it works like a champ. Only problem is that
METAFILE is not supported in the UNIX version of IDL, so if you are
using UNIX, you are out of luck. Seems a pity. I was able to insert them
in PowerPoint and MSWord just fine. Nice to know about - thanks, Liam.