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Re: Shadows (Yet Another Object Graphics Question)

David Fanning wrote:
> Jason P. Meyers (jpm7934@cis.rit.edu) writes:
> > Wow!  This works great!  I had already suspected the Z-buffer fight
> > problem and had pre-positioned the ground plane so it wouldn't be an
> > issue.  It does help that I have a simple geometry case.
> Oh, yeah!? You wouldn't want to post a little code,
> would you, so the rest of us could have a look-see. :-)
> Cheers,
> David
> P.S. Let's just say I spent about $200 bucks on Amazon
> today, now that I have a couple of pointers to the books

Dave:  can I have a copy of the pointers so I can de-reference them! 
(I know, bad joke but I couldn't resist!)

> I ought to own. I hope I can understand them better than
> I can understand the IDL documentation concerning
> these topics. :-(
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I would be glad to post the code.  However, I want to fix a recent
"problem" with the re-sizable window trick I learned from Dave's book
and website.  I discovered the problem yesterday in class when I tried
to demo my little program to a classmate on our school's sun
workstations.  I was surprised to see that the draw window got corrupted
when I resized the widget because it was working fine on my WindowsNT
machine.  After some investigations, I discovered the problem was
isolated to version 5.3 on the suns (version 5.2 worked fine and I don't
know about 5.4 since our department hasn't installed it yet)  I was told
by our computer folks that they do not consider 5.3 a "supported"
version.  As it turns out, I suspect the problem is related to the
viewport size not being updated automatically when the window size
changes.  I even tried explicitly setting the viewport size to [0,0] but
it didn't work.  My latest idea is to also update the viewport at the
same time as the window to see if that works.  If it does, I will then
make my little demo available on my webpage.

Jason Meyers
Ph.D. Student, Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute of Technology