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Re: IDL employment in Front Range

You may want to monitor Science and Technology Corp.


 The Fort Collins Office - STC MetSat - just recently hired two Scientific
Programmers - both with Meteorology degrees. They are attempting to teach
them IDL as MetSat uses it in there application development along with
FORTRAN and C++. I am not sure of there future plans. STC has other offices
in the Front Range area, too

Don't forget the NOAA labs in Boulder. They recently recieved a IDL Site

   Forecast Systems Laboratory
   Environmental Technology Laboratory
   National Geophysical Data Center

Kelly Dean

Patrick Broos wrote:

> I am seeking assistance related to employment opportunities for software
> developers who have significant experience in IDL.  If you're not
> interested in this topic please stop reading now.  If you feel it is
> inappropriate for this newsgroup, please make your opinion known.
> I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions you may have regarding
> employers in the Front Range of Colorado who might have opportunities
> for IDL software developers, particularly for scientific applications.
> The organizations in the Front Range I'm already monitoring (with little
> success) include:
> Ball Aerospace
> Lockheed Martin
> Southwest Research
> Vexcel
> Analex
> Digital Globe
> Pacific Meridian
> Space Imaging
> TechMinds
> Thank you very much for your time,
> Patrick Broos
> http://www.astro.psu.edu/users/patb/resume/
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