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Re: Demo of Shadows

"Jason P. Meyers" wrote:
> Finally, I was not able to create a work around for the little problem I
> discovered with the resize not working on sun IDL version 5.3.  However,
> I did manage to track down the root of the problem.  I discovered that
> the SetProperty method for IDLgrWindow does not set the dimensions
> property when called.  (i.e. myWindow->SetProperty, Dimensions=[newX,
> newY] does nothing!)  I would report this behavior to RSI; however, the
> type of student license I have requires that submit bugs/tech support
> questions through my school's computer admin folks.  The folks at my
> school have stated that they do not support IDL 5.3 (only 5.2 and 5.4
> when the get around to installing 5.4).  Ok, enough whining for now!

Is it not that old lil' bug where you had to directly set Widget_draw
dimensions to those obtained from the window's Resize event, and nothing
else seemed to help? I think *that* worked. Try something like

if tag_names(event, /STRUCTURE_NAME) EQ 'WIDGET_BASE' then begin
	; Here, Widget_draw is the first Child of Top base...
	widget_control, widget_info(event.id, /child), $
	draw_xsize=event.x, draw_ysize=event.y
	Object -> setProperty, /draw ; Redraw

This was fixed in 5.4 I think.