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Re: multiple filters

Martin Schultz wrote:

> Now, the Unix filter only allows one "exclusive" selection, but
> (contrary to the Windows version) can be edited by the user. I have
> never tried to use the simulataneous entries which according to the
> documentation should work as you suggest, but you can achieve such an
> effect with something like "*.[jtp][pin][gfg]" (often it is
> sufficiently exact to specify something like "*.[jtp]??" instead). In
> summary: take advantage of the way Unix expands wild cards.

Yes, I'm still interested in a solution, but there doesn't really
seem to be one. Unfortunately the files I wish to select (well not
actually me, but the end user who does not know IDL) have 2 different
extensions, so I want to display all files that have either extension.
I tried your suggestion, using
filename = DIALOG_PICKFILE(path='~', filter="*.[dat][img]")
but no files are displayed at all.
Using filter="*.[jtp]??" instead, is like using "*.*" .

I have since rewritten the existing pickfile routine we use, which
spawns the 'ls' command where I can use an array of filters.

Thanks for your help

PS. I guess I can be called a lurker,  have posted a few - often too scared to ask
potentially silly questions and incur the derision of the Coyote!
Nice to see a few people using IDL for medical applications.
IDL is our language of choice here(good for arrays in 4D),
except for a few diehard "C only" programmers.
No dog for me.

Defunctus adhuc loquitur
Rochelle Hatton
Department of Nuclear Medicine and Ultrasound
Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia