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Re: multiple filters

Rochelle Hatton wrote:

> PS. I guess I can be called a lurker,  have posted a few - often too scared to ask
> potentially silly questions and incur the derision of the Coyote!


Mind not the growling hound at the gate.   His every bark is laced with well-intended
sarcasm and, I suspect, would be horrified to think his comment
suppressed the
free-flow of info on this newsgroup.  (I don't know what to say about
all that drool

I doubt there is a silly question that doesn't have a rich potential for learning.
The recent unveiling of lurkers (brings a tear to my eye just to think
of the
outpouring) reveals that the rest of us eagerly await
David/Mark/JD/Med/Martin/Craig/Pavel/Liam/Reimar/Paul/... to provide an answer.

Ask away and 'damn the torpedoes'.


PS.  'torpedos' ?  'torpedoes' ? 'torpetoes' ?  'toepdeoes' ?
Sigh.  What a way to ruin a really good line!
I better get off the soap box now.

Ben Tupper
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
180 McKown Point Rd.
W. Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575