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Re: how to label minor tick marks on a log axis???

David Fanning wrote:
> Paul van Delst (paul.vandelst@noaa.gov) writes:
> > Sorry for the twenty questions today but how does one go about labeling the minor tick
> > marks on a log axis (or a linear one for that matter)? Does such a simple thing require
> > use of XYOUTS? I've been futzing about with the X/YTICKS keywords which does the job but
> > makes the resulting axis spacings linear! MAN!
> Here's a copy of an old newsgroup article by Martin that
> hasn't made it to my web page yet:

David (and Martin),

Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately my joy was short-lived when I
couldn't figure out how to shift the y-axis title over enough not to overwrite my new
fancy tick labels. Sigh. (Or, how come there's no X|Y|ZTITLE_OFFSET keyword to PLOT to
account for X|Y|ZTICKFORMAT='(a1)'?) Do you (or Martin?) have something in your
bag-o-tricks to do this? I looked at Martin's and your IDL webpage but didn't see
anything. The thought of having to futz about with CONVERT_COORD and XYOUTS to allow
simple shifting of an axis title makes me want to .... I better go and get
some coffee.

I think the curmudgeon factor that Craig Markwardt has mentioned in the past is starting
to affect me.... :o(

thanx again,


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