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Re: Cant find functions in lib

Kenneth P. Bowman (kbowman@null.net) writes:

> Why doesn't IDL simply compile everything in a file?  What value
> does the user get from stopping the compilation part of the way through
> a file?  (Aside from confusing newbies, of course, which has, at least,
> mild entertainment value.)

You know, I don't ask why RSI does some of the things
it does. But the last words I say before I go to 
bed every night are "Please, Lord, don't let those
bullies from Kodak change the way RSI does things!".



P.S. Let's just say that for those of you who have
been around the block a few times and know what you
are doing, there is also Resolve_Routine, /Compile_Full_File.
But I'd still put that main routine last. :-)

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