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Re: AAARGH!!! IDL5.2 crashes with CALL_EXTERNAL

StefanoM wrote in message <9c9hqv$hbe$1@canarie.caspur.it>...
>AAARGH!!! IDL 5.2 crashes every time I try to call a DLL subroutine with
>I've try to compile the examples given with the IDL distribution (both C
>Fortran) without success.
>I've also try to use the DLM utility (idl_tools.dlm) written by Ronn Kling,
>that gives a direct access to the routines in a DLL (without having to deal
>with a wrapper routine) via the interface EXTPROC_DEFINE, but the result
>doesn't change: IDL crashes even when I try to access a system DLL.
>I'm drive to think that there is a bug in the version 5.2.
>Does anybody succeded to use CALL_EXTERNAL with this version of IDL?

Tell us a little more.  What platform are you running on, what compiler,

I certainly have used IDL 5.2 with CALL_EXTERNAL with no problems.