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R: AAARGH!!! IDL5.2 crashes with CALL_EXTERNAL

My PC is running WIN98 II (second edition) and the C and Fortran compiler
are that of Microsoft Develop Studio 4.0.
The problem seems to be not related to the compilers, since (as I wrote) I
get problems even calling a routine in a system library,
in fact I follow the example suggested by Ronn Kling to explain the DLM
utility "idl_tools.dlm":

print, EXTPROC_DEFINE("mysin","msvcrt.dll","sin","d(d)",/cdecl)

that should assign the function "sin" of the library "msvcrt.dll" to the IDL
function "mysin", the function should take a single argument as double and
return a double ... "d(d)". When I type the above command IDL seems to
accept the definition of the new function "mysin", but then when I try to
use "mysin" IDL crashes (idlde causes errors in IDL32.DLL and MFC42.DLL).
The same result is obtained compiling the SUM_ARRAY examples in the IDL
distrubution ...

There are a lot of useful Fortran libraries in the web, it is really sad
that I cannot use them with IDL !!!

have a nice day


Mark Rivers <rivers@cars.uchicago.edu> wrote in message
> StefanoM wrote in message <9c9hqv$hbe$1@canarie.caspur.it>...
> >AAARGH!!! IDL 5.2 crashes every time I try to call a DLL subroutine with
> Tell us a little more.  What platform are you running on, what compiler,
> etc.?
> I certainly have used IDL 5.2 with CALL_EXTERNAL with no problems.
> Mark