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Re: How to organize client-server IDL application?

Altyntsev Dmitriy wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to build classic client-server IDL application. I have some
> program on the client side, it sent some data to server part, server
> processes this data and returnes the result to client. Both of the
> sides are written in IDL. But I can't find a proper way of doing that.
> So, what I have found. Where am I wrong?
> ActiveX - for one machine and not for IDL client program
> ION - for Internet, for browser
> Socket - only for client side
> RPC - call IDL server from C (how to do this from IDL?)
> Now, I'm get out of this problem by managing buffer files on local
> network and ftp, but I think it's not quite right.

I'd consider using the IDL internal SOCKET procedure on the client side,
and building a TCP/IP socket server on the server side, written in C and
connected to IDL as a DLM.  It's not as hard as it sounds.  If it's a
local client-server interaction, a pair of named pipes (FIFO's) would