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Re: Testers needed for TV benchmark

"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:
> I was trying this as JD sent this post. I must admit that there was no
> speed increase, to my dismay.

Duh! It helps when you place the timer in the right place. I was timing
everything, including preloading. Thank you, Liam. Of course, the
correct output for preloaded pixmap windows is

TV-Device Copy Test: Array Size:      512        0.71153700 seconds
  =>  Frames/sec:        70.270414   Frame time:     0.014230740
   Video Xfer rate:        55262902. bytes/sec
TV Direct Test: Array Size:      512         3.1362751 seconds
 =>  Frames/sec:        15.942479   Frame time:     0.062725501
   Video Xfer rate:        12537676. bytes/sec