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Re: Arrays: strange feature ?!

David Fanning wrote:
> Nicolas Decoster (Nicolas.Decoster@Noveltis.fr) writes:
> > It seems that IDL likes the one-notation-two-actions thing. I must say
> > that such a thing is confusing me. I hope I will not loose too much time
> > in trying to understand all the IDL's "strange feature".
> You are focused on the wrong thing. Instead of
> worrying about "losing too much time", you should
> see this as an opportunity to learn something no one
> else is going to be able to figure out, thereby making
> it possible for you to charge big bucks for your
> specialized knowledge. :-)
> Cheers,
> David
> P.S. Let's just say IDL makes it real easy for someone
> to get into the consulting business if they have that
> entrepreneurial state of mind.

Well, in fact I am in consulting business. And I was before I had to
meet IDL. IDL come to me as a tool to do my consulting business. I guess
the people I work for do not mind I know well the quote-double
quote-octal thing of IDL. They do not ever mind I use IDL or not. They
want me to correctly analyse and treat their data. It is my business to
do it not too slowly. But you are right, perhaps I can convince them IDL
_is_ the ultimate tool to treat their data, and they absolutly need idl
scripts and applications to handle their data efficiently at home and to
exploit my results, and IDL is very powerful but require quite complex
programming but I know the holy words (i.e. the "quote-double quote"
thing) to built such complex-bu-powerful-applications... hum... Then ?
$$$ Kling ! $$$ Money !!!

Yeaaah !

Thanks for the tip, David. I suggest you replace the tip of the year on
your site by this one. :-)



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