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Re: structure concatenation

Stuart Colley (src@star.ucl.ac.uk) writes:

> I'm trying to concatenate two structures using: 
> plot_params=[TEMPORARY(plot_params), tmp_struct]
> but get:
> % Conflicting data structures: TMP_STRUCT,concatenation.
> But the structures have exactly the same tag names, and the type of data,
> INT, FLOAT, etc, is the same for each tag in both structures.  I even put
> a STOP statement before the concatenation to double check the structures.
> Am I missing something?

I'm back in the office and getting caught up.
Pavel has already pointed out the solution to this.
I just want to let you know, however, that this
kind of thing *will* be possible in IDL 5.4. :-)

Structures that set aside the same amount of storage
space will be allowed to be concatenated like this,
despite having different "internal" names.



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