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Re: Draw widget mouse position error

I am seeing the same problem in IDL 5.2 on WinNT SP4.
The Y value is always one more on the release that indicates a double-click.

In article <8n8af7$448$1@trog.dera.gov.uk>,
Oliver Smith <osmith@dera.gov.uk> wrote:
>I'm certain I'm not moving the mouse. The final y value (2nd release event)
>is the same as the first two, so the mouse would have to move for the second
>press, then move back to the original position for the second release. I
>don't see the cursor move at all on the screen.
>As for the coffee theory, I do have one of those oversized RSI mugs....
>Can anybody else running IDL 5.x under NT recreate this? (see original post
>for code).
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