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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

Bill Biagiot (wbiagiot@suffolk.lib.ny.us) writes:

> Not for nothing, but RSI represents the top molecule of a drop in the
> Kodak pail.  I came from a $100M a year division of a $2B a year
> company that was swallowed by a $8B a year company and you know what?
> They let us just die off.  Hence all my prior comments.  I just emailed
> RSI with a question as to whether Daniel Stern is staying at the helm -
> I'll let everyone know the answer.  And in the total irrevelent
> category: Kodak is trading below the 52 week low today, lol.

My understanding is that David Stern (nee Daniel Stern) will
have the official title of Founder and Chief Technologist.
I think that means he gets a big office and a chance to work
on technical projects that interest him without the headache
of running the company. My understanding is that Kodak has 
a manager currently in place at RSI and they are looking 
for a full-time CEO. I think Kodak has made it clear about 
who is in charge. :-)


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