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Re: Kodak buys RSI!!

wbiagiot@suffolk.lib.ny.us (wbiagiot@suffolk.lib.ny.us) writes:
> Bill S.,
> Not for nothing, but RSI represents the top molecule of a drop in the
> Kodak pail.  I came from a $100M a year division of a $2B a year
> company that was swallowed by a $8B a year company and you know what?
> They let us just die off.  <snip>

Understand your concern.  I hope things work out for the best (in terms 
of continued positive developments on the IDL front).  I don't want to 
take any bets either way, however.  We will just have to wait and see.

As a shareholder of the Dow Diamonds, I do still think it is strange that 
I now own a very tiny piece of RSI.  I am also glad that I do not own 
Kodak by itself.  ;-)

Bill Sawchuck
Alexandria, VA