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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:
> Kenneth Mankoff wrote:
> > And if it were open source, us linux-using students who like to hack
> > things apart and put them together in our spare time would turn out some
> > mean routines to improve the product.  This theoretical free open-source
> > student IDL (wow, aren't i in a daydream) would probably have openGL, GUI
> > builders, ports to Palm Vx OS, entire libraries of extensions, etc., all
> > within a few months..
> The only downside I am envisioning in this daydream is that then nobody
> will be compatible with each other. I use Build 20.6.1a-1, David is on
> 21.3.4b, and Craig is on the legacy RSI one. More of a nightmare than
> daydream :-(
> Pavel

This is totally off topic, but what the hell - so is most everything else in this newsgroup

It just occurred to me that this thread tends to show the ages of the posters :o)  Those who are
least likely to tolerate "weirdness" (and there is a lot of it) installing a new OS they've never
encountered before and those who regard said weirdness as an interesting learning exercise (which at
least with linux can be changed by the user community if the OS-install weird-o-meter goes off

I like Craig Markwardt's suggestion the best. Get some help. If not professional, then consider that
the plethora of message boards and websites and what not where linux newbies can ask dumb questions
is quite astounding.


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