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Re: multiple filters

JD Smith (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) writes:

> Dear David: I was using IDL and none of my colors are working.  I blame
> you.  Why doesn't IDL work?  I run something and the vectors are wrong
> but it didn't even work once.  What did you do wrong?  Also, I can't get
> to the 4th row of my vector.  If Idl weren't so stupid I would be able
> to.  Write a program to show me how to do the problem I have.  It's #4
> of the last homework in my class.  It's really long.  I looked on your
> web page but you didn't tell me how.  It's due today and IDL isn't very
> fast or I would be done already.

Uh, that's the general idea. Although usually this message
is sent via private e-mail, which annoys me even more, since
then no one else has a chance to learn anything. :-)



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