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JD Smith wrote:
> [...]
> emacs --geometry 80x32 --eval "(setq idlwave-shell-use-dedicated-frame
> nil)" -f idlwave-shell -f delete-other-windows --eval "(add-hook
> 'idlwave-shell-sentinel-hook 'save-buffers-kill-emacs t)"
> as an alias (a bit hard to remember all that!).  I'm not an xemacs user,
> so I don't know how it would cross over (but I suspect it should work).
> If I want to do it over a slow network connection, I'd add a "-nw" in
> there, in place of the "--geometry 80x32" part.  Everything works as
> you'd hope.
> This starts the idlwave-shell in a nice sized window, killing all other
> windows (like *scratch*), and sets it up so that when I quit IDL (using
> C-d, perhaps), emacs itself quits.  This is my "fire up IDL for a quick
> calc" mode, but complete with all the IDLWAVE goodies... completion,
> help and routine info lookup, etc.  I used to use an xterm for this, but
> have not looked back since Carsten helped me formulate this incantation.
> JD

Oh, how I would love to be able not to look back ;-) Just that xemacs
still complains with "Cannot open load file idlwave-shell". I had to
leave out the --geometry argument, because that create one window
named "--geometry" and another window named "80x32". Now I see a
scratch window open and then the above error message.


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