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Re: base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?

David Fanning wrote:
> I only ever have a single XMANAGER command in a widget
> program. But I almost always have compound widgets
> (and almost all of these are compound widget objects
> these days). The way I clean these widget objects up
> is by using a KILL_NOTIFY on the compound widget's
> top-level base. This is allowed, because these are
> not really top-level bases, of course, and are not
> directly managed by XMANAGER. I always store the
> object reference in some easy-to-locate uvalue in
> the object widget, so it is easy to find the object
> reference and destroy it. This cleans everything up
> properly.

Cool bananas! That exactly the keyword thingo I was looking for. I took out the
realisation and xmanager registration from the compound widget routines and
everything went correctly into the dustbin at end of program. Thanks.


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