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Re: Number of colors of widget appliation

Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:

> Yes, yes, yes!  I described this problem a few weeks ago.  My
> conclusion is that draw widgets do not update their color tables like
> normal draw windows.  This is true for me on Solaris and Linux
> platforms, IDL 4 through 5.2.1, 8 bit color.  While color flashing is
> annoying, at least it flashes to the *right* colors on a normal draw
> window.  Not so for draw widgets.

I'm not so sure we are talking about the same thing
here. Are we talking about *direct* graphic draw widgets,
or *object* graphic draw widgets? A direct graphic draw
widget should update itself pretty well, although I would
be prepared to believe you might have to click in it to
get its attention, maybe.

In any case, the problem is quite easily solved, I
think, by physically loading the right color table
on a draw widget expose event. Hard to see how that
wouldn't work in direct graphic draw widgets.

> I haven't found a solution to this, but I desperately want one.  The
> most tricky thing I've tried is reseting the color table in a
> "tracking" event handler for the draw widget.  The handler was
> invoked, but the color tables were not switched.  

Huh!? How could this be? I'd have to see this to believe
it, even from such a reliable source as Craig. :-)

> I think that IDL believes that it has the proper color table loaded,
> but forgets to actually load it into the X window manager.

Under *what* color configuration is this? Really hard to


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