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Re: Number of colors of widget appliation

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Craig Markwardt (craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu) writes:
> > Yes, yes, yes!  I described this problem a few weeks ago.  My
> > conclusion is that draw widgets do not update their color tables like
> > normal draw windows.  This is true for me on Solaris and Linux
> > platforms, IDL 4 through 5.2.1, 8 bit color.  While color flashing is
> > annoying, at least it flashes to the *right* colors on a normal draw
> > window.  Not so for draw widgets.
> I'm not so sure we are talking about the same thing
> here. Are we talking about *direct* graphic draw widgets,
> or *object* graphic draw widgets? A direct graphic draw
> widget should update itself pretty well, although I would
> be prepared to believe you might have to click in it to
> get its attention, maybe.

To be honest, I am not sure what the original post was using.
Personally, I am using:

 * 8 bit graphics
 * Linux/Solaris X Windows PseudoColor
 * direct graphics draw widgets

> In any case, the problem is quite easily solved, I
> think, by physically loading the right color table
> on a draw widget expose event. Hard to see how that
> wouldn't work in direct graphic draw widgets.

Yes I tried this.  Not sure if it was tracking events, or expose
events or whatever.  I think I got them all :-) The final result was
that loading a color table has *no* effect on direct graphics draw
widgets when the color table is private.  Normal direct graphics draw
windows work fine.  As the original poster described, when you move
the mouse into the draw window, the color table flashes to the correct
one.  The same is not true when you move the mouse pointer into a draw

What can I say, this happens on both Solaris and Linux, so it can't
simply be an X bug...

And to Liam: I totally agree, I don't appreciate color table flashing
at all, and you make some great suggestions to avoid it.  However,
there are times where I just can't avoid running two IDL sessions with
different color tables, or have some other annoying program that
slurps up all the colors uncontrollably (PGPLOT anyone?).  In that
case, it is preferable to have the color table flash and be correct,
vs. *not* flashing and being incorrect.


Hopefully RSI doesn't give up on the last .001%.

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