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Re: control IDL process

"pei zeng" <pei@prism-cs.com> writes:
> I would like to control my IDL process(stop,continue) by click on widget
> buttons to perform actions such as 'stop', 'continue' , etc. I know the stop
> procedure would stop the IDL execution, but it turns control to the
> interactive mode, using .cont to resume.

Usually you have turn your thinking around when you design widget
programs.  In this case, you will probably have to create a button
widget before you begin your processing, and then periodically poll
that widget for any activity.  If you retrieve your own events
directly (instead of using XMANAGER) you can do this.

As David points out, it is currently impossible to directly control an
IDL computing process with just a widget.  After all, how can an IDL
program control itself?


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