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Re: Number of colors of widget appliation

davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Humm. Yes. Well, I suppose I could believe some funny business
> with private color tables. But I would still make sure
> I tried the expose event idea. If that didn't work,
> something would be *seriously* wrong. :-(

Hmm.  Looking back at my notes, I didn't try expose events, but I
*did* try tracking events, which should be the appropriate thing.
Tracking events are generated whenever the mouse enters or leaves the
widget, while expose events only happen when a part of the window is
exposed and needs to be redrawn.  

The point remains: IDL doesn't switch the color tables when entering
draw widgets.  LOADCT may load a new color table internally into IDL,
but it never becomes active on the screen.


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