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davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> And this damn Linux thing is starting to irritate me,
> a sure sign that I have enough interest to persevere.
> After all, being willing to spend the 10 days it takes to do
> something that will eventually take someone else 10 minutes
> is how you become an expert.

Hey David--

Sometimes perseverence has nothing to do with it.  Sometimes you just
need professional help.  This is not a slight on you by any means.
:-) Linux on laptops, linux on newer hardware, linux in dual boot
situations, these all require special knowledge that is hard to
acquire through book-larnin'.  Installing Linux can be like building a
computer from components: all the parts are usually of high quality
and easily accessible, but it can be easy to screw up.

Take Randall up on his offer. :-)


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