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Re: IDL and Mac OS 9.1

In article <B6DC0DE6.A56%rqfugate@mindspring.com>,
 Bob Fugate <rqfugate@mindspring.com> wrote:

>Bobby, Joe, and David,
>Thanks for the help. I had already tried disabling all other non-Apple USB
>extensions without effect. Following your suggestion, Bobby, I did download
>the development version of the USB software (ver 1.4.7f2, modified Nov 29,
>2000; but apparently there is a version 1.5?) and replaced the extensions
>they suggested. At first test it seems to have solved the problem! Ethernet
>is back with the HASP enabled. I need to use it a bit to see that some other
>problem hasn't replaced this one, but I am hopeful.
>Bobby, if I could trouble you to look at one of your USB extensions
>installed from the 9.1 CD, 'USB Device Extension', what version is it and
>what is the creation date? The version I replaced was 1.4.6 created Oct 17,
>This seems like a really great group. I have been reading the posts. I hope
>I can live up to its standards in my quest to be a better IDL programmer.
>I gather from David's comments there are some friendly (I presume)
>discussions and preferences over operating systems.  And David, I just
>purchased the second edition of your book. I also have Ronn Kling's book.
>Does he frequent the group?
>Thanks again, 
>Bob Fugate 

From the default install of MacOS 9.1, I find I also have USB Device Extension 
version 1.4.6 dated 2000 Oct 17, so I don't know why yours wasn't working (may 
be some update to EnetShimLib).  But I'm glad it is working now.  [To get 1.5f3, 
go to <http://developer.apple.com/hardware/usb/download.htm>]


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