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Re: IDL and Mac OS 9.1

My joy was short lived. Once I was connected to our network at work (vs not
connected here at home), the old problem returned -- ethernet was gone.
Thinking back, I guess I had never tested the various extension
configurations with no live ethernet connection. Weird.  Back to the drawing

Bobby, thanks for the information and link to version 1.5 of the USB
software. I think the problem definitely has something to do with how USB is
implemented in 9.1 on the PowerBook.

And, Ronn, hello and thanks again for the soft copy of the code that goes
with your book. You might know that the very next day after my email to you,
I found the misplaced disk. I feel like an idiot.

I have a lot to learn about IDL.  I am immersed in a sea of Matlab users
with only one or two IDL programmers to talk with. I have used both but I
really like IDL much better since my work involves analysis of very large
HDF data files and Matlab just doesn't handle HDF files very well.
Furthermore, I find Matlab generally less efficient in many ways, including
I/O and memory use. Anyway, I  often feel I am working in a vacuum, so it is
good to know there are real experts in this group that can help from time to
time.  I am very encouraged with my first experience here --- thank you all
for being so friendly and helpful.

Bob Fugate  

> From the default install of MacOS 9.1, I find I also have USB Device Extension
> version 1.4.6 dated 2000 Oct 17, so I don't know why yours wasn't working (may
> be some update to EnetShimLib).  But I'm glad it is working now.  [To get
> 1.5f3, 
> go to <http://developer.apple.com/hardware/usb/download.htm>]
> Bobby