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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

Sorry Craig, didn't mean any offence. I guess, I should have written
"David uses Build 20.6.1a-1, Craig is on
21.3.4b, and Pavel is on the legacy RSI one".
My experience with open source software is limited, and negative. I see
Linux used more and more and have nothing against it (except that it
"takes professional help" to set it up, like nothing else I know of that
makes your computer screen light up, even DOS), but the commercial OSes
do it for me so far. Adobe, IDL, and even Microsoft (sometimes) software
works on my PC, my Macs and HP UX. And emacs that I tried... forget it,
I better switch topics :-(


Craig Markwardt wrote:
> I wonder if you think the current RSI IDL version progression is any
> less of a nightmare?  From a support standpoint it pretty much blows.
> I think every procedure in the IDL manual should have a
> version-compatibility matrix.
> Believe me, I'd be using Build 23.1 if it was open-source.  I would
> *prefer* IDL to be open source.
> Craig