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Re: It costs how much?!!?!

"Pavel A. Romashkin" wrote:
> Sorry Craig, didn't mean any offence. I guess, I should have written
> "David uses Build 20.6.1a-1, Craig is on
> 21.3.4b, and Pavel is on the legacy RSI one".
> My experience with open source software is limited, and negative. I see
> Linux used more and more and have nothing against it (except that it
> "takes professional help" to set it up, like nothing else I know of that
> makes your computer screen light up, even DOS), but the commercial OSes
> do it for me so far. Adobe, IDL, and even Microsoft (sometimes) software
> works on my PC, my Macs and HP UX. And emacs that I tried... forget it,
> I better switch topics :-(


I recommend you wait for OS X to come around.  You will certainly have a
nice Emacs available at that point, and if you squeak enough, an IDL
Shell (non-IDLDE) mode too.  Of course, a very large portion of OS X
will be based on free software, so I don't know what this will do to
your world view ;).

In the meantime, did you try http://mac-emacs.sourceforge.net/?